Doing The Salmon Run

October 24, 2006 0

This is me all dressed up for the salmon run! Here we are at Weaver Creek Spawning Channel. I’m in the buggy, sleeping. You can…

My One Month Party

October 15, 2006 0

Yesterday was my 1 month party. My dad booked 10 tables at the International Chinese Seafood Restaurant so 100 close friends and family members can…

My Cousin Daniel

October 11, 2006 0

My cousin Daniel came with us to Tropika for dinner. I don’t think he ate much. He doesn’t sit still either. He needs to relax…

Dinner At Tropika

October 11, 2006 0

My dad took everyone to Tropika restaurant for dinner tonight. I didn’t eat anything. I did what I do best – sleep.