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My Visit To The Google Office

Recently I went to the Google building with a few of my friends! The reason why I got to do is because I raised over 600 dollars for my school.

In the building there was a gym so the google employees can stay fit while working. Also, there were many bean bags chairs placed throughout the work areas so that all employees can talk and have a great break time.

In the conference rooms there was a web cam that can connect to a different conference room so that the employees can still talk about google stuff.

One of my favorite things at the google office is that there were many games that you can play there, like foosball and pinball.

One of the weird things about the google office is that the cofounder of Google decided that all Google employees should be at least 150 feet away from food, so there are many micro-kitchens around the entire office.

Well the tour of the google office will be a experience I will never forget!

Visit To Google Office Orange County

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