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Hello world!

I was born today! The above photo was taken just 2 minutes after I came into the world. I gave my mommy a real hard time during my birth because I was really comfortable being inside her and didn’t want to come out. After 19 hours of labor the doctors finally took me out with something call a C Section!

Anyway, I’m happy to be here. The world looks like a nice place. This blog will serve as my diary of my life as I grow up. It’s currently being updated by my dad, who will be speaking on my behalf – until I’m old enough to learn how to write. Thank you for visiting and check back often because the life of a new baby is never boring.

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  1. Welcome to this world Sally! You’ll do just fine. You have good parents. You look very cute! Just like your Mom 🙂

    Have a good life! Can’t wait to meet you.

  2. Welcome to the world Sally…you are so cute! You have Alaskan King Crab legs! Yum! Congratulations on another sweet girl John and Sarah

  3. Hey, it’s Nancy, your cousin from Toronto. Congratulations John & Sarah on the new baby. Sally looks so cute. I wish all of you the best of luck and hopefully be seeing you all next summer!

  4. Hello Sally, welcome to the world. You’re going to be a real pretty girl.

    I just discovered your dad’s amazing blog and thought I’d look around his world a bit. Glad I did.

  5. Hi Sally,

    This is Albert from India… You have nice blog from your birth date. I wish You all the best for your future…!


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