During our trip to Florida we went to Disney World. The first day we went to the Animal Kingdom. I have never been to the Animal Kingdom before and I found it really cool.

The first ride we went on was a safari. There were elephants, bulls, giraffes, wild dogs, hippos, alligators, gazelles, and many more.

After that, we went to have lunch at a Asian restaurant. I got orange chicken with veggies over rice and it was $11! FOR 4 PIECES OF CHICKEN! THATS SO OVERPRICED!

After that, we waited in an hour and a half long line for Yeti Mountain. I’m not really a roller coaster person but I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try one. This is my first “big kid” rollercoaster because the only other one I’ve gone on was a small kid one in the PNE in Vancouver. I thought it was really fun and there was a lot of g-force.

Finally, we went to Pandora world from Avatar and waited for 3 hours to get on the ride. It was a simulator were you got a avatar and ride on a banshee. It is a must go if you ever go to the Animal Kingdom. Overall,

I think that Disney is starting to get a bit overhand because all the lines are SUPER long and everything is overpriced but its still a fun place to go to if you ever go to Florida. (I’m sorry for the terrible quality of these photos)