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Trip To Solvang

Trip To Solvang

During Thanksgiving break my family and I, with a few friends, drove to the small Danish town of Solvang. First, we went to an ostrich farm and we got to feed them. Seeing ostriches up close was a first for me and to be honest, they were imitating because they are like 9 feet tall. I also found out that ostriches are very aggressive eaters, they also knocked the food tray out of my hand!They also had some cute ostrich themed wings for you to take photos with.

After the ostrich farm, we went to a miniature ranch and got to see so many cute tiny horses! There also was a giant pile of horse poop that was like 3 feet tall and it smelled gross.

Finally, we visited the Broad museum which had “modern art” but all of the pieces looked like random scribbles and unfinished art to me.

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